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There are three sacred symbols that form the basis for all programs and services offered by Higher Resources.

These include:

  • The hierarchy which represents the basic needs of all human beings as we advance toward healing and wholeness;
  • The circle which represents the universality of loss and the need for human connection in healing and transcendence;
  • The heart which is the universal symbol of compassion and unconditional love, a necessary part of any helper’s approach to supporting those who suffer.

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Carolyn V. Coarsey, Ph.D.
President and Owner of Higher Resources, Inc.

About Higher Resources, Inc.

Higher Resources, Inc. (HRI) is an education and training organization dedicated to raising compassion consciousness in business and industries when disaster occurs.  Programs are designed to prepare employees in the work place on best practices for assisting individuals impacted by trauma.

All programs published and offered by HRI are based on direct input from survivors of tragedy who have a desire to influence the way survivors are responded to in future disasters.

Products include:

  • Training for Employees in Business and Industry
  • Training for Responders in Non-Profit Organizations and Other Public Agencies
  • Education for Helpers
  • Education for Survivors of Traumatic Losses

Training for Business and Industry

Aviem International, Inc.

Higher Resources, Inc. (HRI) develops and provides training programs to helpers in the corporate environment.  These programs are offered through Aviem International, Inc. (www.Aviem.com), for which Dr. Coarsey serves as Vice President of Corporate Philosophy.  Aviem’s primary mission is to prepare organizations in advance of a disaster so that the corporation is able to use its resources in the most effective way for all who are in harm’s way during the critical time when survivors (including the corporation’s employees) are the most vulnerable to the harmful effects of traumatic stress.  Ongoing  research with survivors, including the videos and case studies from previous disasters, forms the basis of the curriculum and  procedures taught in Aviem’s training classes to help organizations prepare for disaster.

Education for all Helpers:  The Family Assistance Foundation

Typical training is intended to prepare helpers in an organization to assist survivors in specific ways that an organization is prepared to support financially and otherwise.  However, HRI recognizes there are many employees, and other responders, who may benefit from exposure to survivors but lack a formal way of learning from them. Therefore, HRI’s educational efforts for increasing awareness about survivors, and preparing helpers in general, is accomplished through the low-cost, open to the public, conferences, workshops, and symposia offered by the Family Assistance Education and Research Foundation (also known as the Family Assistance Foundation www.fafonline.org).  The Foundation is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) which Dr. Coarsey co-founded in 2000, along with Jeff Morgan, the president and owner of Aviem International, Inc.

The Foundation holds educational events throughout the world where survivors and responders of recent disasters discuss lessons learned.  The Foundation also provides a structure for business organizations to provide mutual aid when disaster strikes and when the impacted organization needs additional employee responder resources. Therefore, in addition to providing education events, the Foundation has a membership base of both corporate and individual responders who meet periodically for updates and refresher training on best practices for employees who may assist survivors of traumatic losses.  During the twelve years of existence, there have been many instances where the Foundation has been called upon to provide assistance to organizations impacted by natural as well as technological disasters including: aviation accidents, September 11, 2001 attacks, the London Underground bombings, Hurricane Katrina, the Deepwater Horizon explosion, and numerous other tragedies.

Training for Non-Profit Organizations and Public Agencies

HRI provides training programs to non-profit and other public agencies utilizing the survivor interviews and Human Services Response™ training models.  Courses offered include information on notification of next-of-kin and first contact with families and important points about survivor support offered by public agency personnel.  Courses can be tailored to fit the needs of the agency.

Education of Survivors: Family Assistance Foundation

Dr. Coarsey offers periodic retreats for survivors near her home in Santa Fe, New Mexico, based on her own models for integrating life’s losses.  Those interested should send an email requesting to be placed on the mailing list announcing dates and other details of retreats. Survivors who wish to be considered for attendance must complete an application and interview process and be a minimum of two years into the mourning of their loved-one.

All media training is provided by Crucial Communications Group, LLC.

The media is an ever-present force during virtually every crisis, sometimes welcome and sometimes not. Crucial Communications Group, LLC., (CCG) is a consulting firm that provides media training, executive and leadership coaching, and crisis and strategic communications training to individuals and companies worldwide. Through its partnership with HRI – and reinforcing the Human Services Response™ model – Crucial Communications Group provides comprehensive training and direct support to executives and companies in all industry sectors. Among its training and counseling services, CCG helps prepare key spokespeople, front-line personnel and Care Team Members deal with high-profile issues and periods of intense media interest.